The PE and PU series are miniature stainless steel rails and carriages incorporating resin re-circulation. Because of the resin re circulation this series has eliminated metal to metal contact reducing weight, improving smoothness and reducing dust emission.

This product is stainless steel as standard and therefore provides excellent corrosion resistance.


Accuracy rating from P4 – P6 can be specified as can a slight preload. As standard this series is rated as PN normal grade and is not preloaded.

Extra-long carriages are available from sizes 09-15 on both the PE and PU series to increase load ratings.

Both series can also be fitted with the K1 lubrication system for long maintenance free periods.


Pu Miniature guides


PE wide type miniature guide

NSK K1 lubrication units can be equipped to this series of linear guide. They are attached to both sides of the carriage and are made of a porous synthetic resign containing large volumes of lubricating oil that seeps out during the movement of the carriage on the rail. This has the benefit of reducing maintenance costs compared to a conventional lubricating system.